Massive Ad Campaign Installed On Escalator Handrails Throughout China

EHC Global has successfully installed the largest advertising campaign on escalator handrails in China. ADRail is a revolutionary product developed by the world’s largest escalator handrail manufacturer – EHC Global. Working with ad agencies and media contractors throughout China, a campaign for Hanns.G was installed in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Tianjin, Shenyang, for a total of 24 escalators.

The antimicrobial nature of the full colour custom printed film that is applied directly to existing handrails is extremely popular throughout Europe and North America. 70% of escalator passengers reported that they were pleased to learn that the handrails were antimicrobial – normally they don’t touch them, but with the cleaner surface that is germ-free, they don’t have the same concerns.

Hanns.G and their ad agency – Shanghai Ji Wei Tang chose ADRail because a recent study completed by Synovate confirmed that more than 33% of viewers who recalled the ad on the escalator handrail stated that it increased their desire to purchase that product. When compared to other media such as billboards or magazines, ADRail will typically generate a much higher ad recall – this is due to the fact that it is the only advertising medium that can be put directly into someone’s hand for 30 seconds. It is always there – right along with you as you are on the escalator – it can’t be missed. When ADRail is placed strategically in close proximity to the point-of-purchase, the effects are immediate.

EHC Shanghai Donates 4,000 RMB to ‘Free the Children’

The re-build effort for the Chinese province of Sichuan hit with a devastating earthquake last year is on-going. Financial support from fund-raising activities such as the recent ‘Maple Leaf Dance for Dreams’ hosted by the Canadian Chamber of
Commerce in Shanghai is a major reason progress continues.

EHC feels strongly about this cause, by not only donating 4,000 rmb towards the reconstruction of the area this year, but by also being a contributor to the relief operations when the earthquake first hit, last year.

The 65,000+ rmb raised will go specifically to Free the Children’s efforts in building an elementary school in A Luo, Sichuan. In keeping with the school theme and attempting to recuperate as much of the materials purchased as possible, school supplies wereused as decorations and table pieces. The entrance back drop was made up of two big blackboards used to announce the participating sponsors. These blackboards, decorations, and table pieces all looked great for the dance and are actually a part of the donation process being delivered to the Sichuan school next November.

A musical chair competition, the Macarena, and a live band were some of the activities throughout the evening. One of the highlights being the CANCHAM Director’s version of the Chicken Dance definitely made for a memorable night of goodwill! EHC Shanghai is pleased to be a part of such a worthy cause falling in line with one of our Mission Statements: Helping to Make the World a Better

EHC Awarded Number One In OTIS Quality Award

XOEC (OTIS), one of the largest elevator companies in the world, held their annual Supplier Quality Award Meeting in September. XOEC is an industry leader in innovative technology and services; their products can be found in landmark buildings worldwide.

Stanley Shao, Managing Director of EHC (Shanghai) Co. Ltd attended the ceremony which was held at their Hangzhou, China facility. The company has over 300 suppliers but on that night, only honoured four of their top suppliers, in various categories.

EHC received two awards consisting of:

1) The Quality Improvement Award: Awarded to both the corporation and individual that made the largest contribution towards attaining the very best in quality improvement. EHC was ranked Number One of seven suppliers considered

2) Q+ Level 3 Certification: The United Technologies Corporation (UTC) Q+ process is intended to assist suppliers in reaching world class quality goals through the never-ending process of continuous improvement. Q+ Level 3 is the highest level XOEC has granted to its suppliers. “It is an absolute honour to be one of only four suppliers to pass Q+ Level 3 assessment” said Jeno Eppel, President

Congratulations go out to EHC’s Quality Technician, Shen Hao, for receiving a Crystal Medal for the Individual Quality Contribution Award. XOEC offered him a three day sightseeing tour to Guilin in Southern China.

“I would like to thank our Production, Quality, and Sales Teams for their excellent efforts and contribution in delivering quality products and services this past year to our valued customer, XOEC. Our ongoing commitment has been recognized and we will continue to provide the ‘excellence’ in production and services that our customers are accustomed to.” said Stanley Shao

This recognition reaffirms EHC’s commitment to the process of ongoing improvements in order to remain strong and competitive in a constantly evolving Chinese marketplace.

ADRail™ – A Revolutionary Advertising Product Is Seeking Asian Distributors

Advertising industry insiders now have one more reason to be excited about escalator handrail advertising (ADRail): EHC Global is now taking applications for distributors in major markets throughout Asia.

ADRail™ is featured in dynamic campaigns in such places as the Hong Kong MTR, Seoul Subway, and Japan Rail and has advertisers, the likes of: Coca-Cola, DHL, HSBC and L’Oreal singing its praises. EHC’s enthusiasm towards working with entrepreneurs and media contractors in making ADRail more widely available in transit systems, airports, convention centres and shopping centres is two-fold:

1) Bring awareness to the target product.

2) Create a niche within the advertising medium for a dynamic new mode of communication to the masses.

ADRail, quite literally, puts potentially millions of consumer’s hands directly onto its advertising messaging in high traffic locations each day. With ADRail, escalator riders are “in touch” with the message for up to 30 seconds – space can be utilized for short term ads, long term branding or public safety campaigns.

ADRail is applied on-site to existing escalator handrails by a trained technician in less than an hour and has been developed to ensure safety and reliability, not impeding escalator operation in any way.

Currently the world’s leader in the manufacturer of escalator handrails and numerous other lift industry components, EHC has patented escalator handrail advertising in several countries in Asia including China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

EHC Global Appoints Project Manager In China For ADRail

EHC Global, innovators of the popular escalator handrail advertising medium, ADRail™, has appointed a Project Manager in China – Eric Fan.

Eric will play an integral role in the expansion of ADRail. EHC holds worldwide patents for escalator handrail advertising and has begun to establish licensing agreements around the world. In this new position, Eric will facilitate similar agreements throughout China in various airports, transit systems and shopping malls. In China, EHC has been granted Patent # ZL00805657 for applying advertising to escalator handrails.

Before joining EHC, Eric worked at Shanghai Blu Inc Advertising Co., Ltd as the Deputy General Manager where he was responsible for working closely with the GM to plan and implement company strategies and manage all activities of the business.

“Eric’s background and experience will be a great asset to EHC and will help to chart the path for ADRail in a market where approximately 700 million people ride escalators each year. There is a huge potential for this medium in China and we are pleased to have Eric on our team”, said Shan Wei, Deputy General Manager of EHC Shanghai.

Eric has spent the last 8 years of his career in Marketing and holds a Masters degree from Shanghai JiaoTong University.

EHC Announces Name Change After 30 Years Of Operation

Escalator Handrail Company, Inc. (EHC), the world’s leading supplier of escalator components, has announced its corporate name change to EHC GLOBAL. “It was felt that the timing is now right for us to revise our global corporate identity to better represent our rapid growth and diverse product range” said Jeno Eppel, President; “in the past 18 months, we have expanded our global operations to manufacture and distribute polyurethane products, radiation detection systems and bicycles – in addition to the recently announced manufacturing facility for elevator and escalator roller production”.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the company, which started in Oshawa Canada in 1977 and where it still maintains its head office. In addition to regional sales and manufacturing facilities in China, Japan, Germany, Slovakia, EHC has long recognized the value of partnership, and continues to form strategic alliances in key global markets. “We are excited about the many opportunities available to EHC globally”, said Eppel.