EHC Global Supports Japanese Partners After 9.0 Magnitude Earthquake

The devastation of last week’s magnitude 9.0 earthquakes and resulting tsunami in Japan have brought with it challenges related to NT handrail supply, namely a disruption in our partner’s ability to supply in Japan. “Our heartfelt condolences go out to all the people residing in Japan along with our support for a speedy return to normalcy”, says Jeno Eppel, President.

EHC Global is proud to be partnered with Hitachi Cable and Tohoku Rubber in Japan for the manufacture and supply of NT handrails for the Japanese market. It is our highest priority to support Hitachi Cable and Tohoku Rubber by working together to develop an immediate and long-term solution to resume operations to the Japan market. It is during challenging times such as this that EHC’s officially licensed partner, Hitachi Cable and Tohoku Rubber, are counting on our moral and contractual responsibility to assist with their recovery efforts.

Handrail inventory allocations for Japan are being monitored closely and distribution is being coordinated through Hitachi Cable and Tohoku Rubber.

During such a massive recovery effort the continuity of business and the supply chain is not only critical but necessary over the long-haul. It is for this reason we ask that everyone looking to procure handrails for Japan in this time of need refrain from contacting any other EHC facilities for direct supply of handrail products to Japan.

We will continue to monitor the situation in Japan and work together with Hitachi Cable and Tohoku Rubber on a full recovery plan for the Japanese market. In doing so EHC is confident that we can support and service the Japan market during this recovery while continuing to meet all the needs of our other customers and partners globally.

We would ask all of our loyal customers world-wide to work with us as we help Japan respond to this crisis and encourage all to share with us their expected needs moving forward on a regular basis over the several months.



ADRail™ – A Revolutionary Advertising Product Is Seeking Asian Distributors

Advertising industry insiders now have one more reason to be excited about escalator handrail advertising (ADRail): EHC Global is now taking applications for distributors in major markets throughout Asia.

ADRail™ is featured in dynamic campaigns in such places as the Hong Kong MTR, Seoul Subway, and Japan Rail and has advertisers, the likes of: Coca-Cola, DHL, HSBC and L’Oreal singing its praises. EHC’s enthusiasm towards working with entrepreneurs and media contractors in making ADRail more widely available in transit systems, airports, convention centres and shopping centres is two-fold:

1) Bring awareness to the target product.

2) Create a niche within the advertising medium for a dynamic new mode of communication to the masses.

ADRail, quite literally, puts potentially millions of consumer’s hands directly onto its advertising messaging in high traffic locations each day. With ADRail, escalator riders are “in touch” with the message for up to 30 seconds – space can be utilized for short term ads, long term branding or public safety campaigns.

ADRail is applied on-site to existing escalator handrails by a trained technician in less than an hour and has been developed to ensure safety and reliability, not impeding escalator operation in any way.

Currently the world’s leader in the manufacturer of escalator handrails and numerous other lift industry components, EHC has patented escalator handrail advertising in several countries in Asia including China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

EHC Announces Name Change After 30 Years Of Operation

Escalator Handrail Company, Inc. (EHC), the world’s leading supplier of escalator components, has announced its corporate name change to EHC GLOBAL. “It was felt that the timing is now right for us to revise our global corporate identity to better represent our rapid growth and diverse product range” said Jeno Eppel, President; “in the past 18 months, we have expanded our global operations to manufacture and distribute polyurethane products, radiation detection systems and bicycles – in addition to the recently announced manufacturing facility for elevator and escalator roller production”.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the company, which started in Oshawa Canada in 1977 and where it still maintains its head office. In addition to regional sales and manufacturing facilities in China, Japan, Germany, Slovakia, EHC has long recognized the value of partnership, and continues to form strategic alliances in key global markets. “We are excited about the many opportunities available to EHC globally”, said Eppel.