EHC Shanghai Donates 4,000 RMB to ‘Free the Children’

The re-build effort for the Chinese province of Sichuan hit with a devastating earthquake last year is on-going. Financial support from fund-raising activities such as the recent ‘Maple Leaf Dance for Dreams’ hosted by the Canadian Chamber of
Commerce in Shanghai is a major reason progress continues.

EHC feels strongly about this cause, by not only donating 4,000 rmb towards the reconstruction of the area this year, but by also being a contributor to the relief operations when the earthquake first hit, last year.

The 65,000+ rmb raised will go specifically to Free the Children’s efforts in building an elementary school in A Luo, Sichuan. In keeping with the school theme and attempting to recuperate as much of the materials purchased as possible, school supplies wereused as decorations and table pieces. The entrance back drop was made up of two big blackboards used to announce the participating sponsors. These blackboards, decorations, and table pieces all looked great for the dance and are actually a part of the donation process being delivered to the Sichuan school next November.

A musical chair competition, the Macarena, and a live band were some of the activities throughout the evening. One of the highlights being the CANCHAM Director’s version of the Chicken Dance definitely made for a memorable night of goodwill! EHC Shanghai is pleased to be a part of such a worthy cause falling in line with one of our Mission Statements: Helping to Make the World a Better