EHC Global Supports Japanese Partners After 9.0 Magnitude Earthquake

The devastation of last week’s magnitude 9.0 earthquakes and resulting tsunami in Japan have brought with it challenges related to NT handrail supply, namely a disruption in our partner’s ability to supply in Japan. “Our heartfelt condolences go out to all the people residing in Japan along with our support for a speedy return to normalcy”, says Jeno Eppel, President.

EHC Global is proud to be partnered with Hitachi Cable and Tohoku Rubber in Japan for the manufacture and supply of NT handrails for the Japanese market. It is our highest priority to support Hitachi Cable and Tohoku Rubber by working together to develop an immediate and long-term solution to resume operations to the Japan market. It is during challenging times such as this that EHC’s officially licensed partner, Hitachi Cable and Tohoku Rubber, are counting on our moral and contractual responsibility to assist with their recovery efforts.

Handrail inventory allocations for Japan are being monitored closely and distribution is being coordinated through Hitachi Cable and Tohoku Rubber.

During such a massive recovery effort the continuity of business and the supply chain is not only critical but necessary over the long-haul. It is for this reason we ask that everyone looking to procure handrails for Japan in this time of need refrain from contacting any other EHC facilities for direct supply of handrail products to Japan.

We will continue to monitor the situation in Japan and work together with Hitachi Cable and Tohoku Rubber on a full recovery plan for the Japanese market. In doing so EHC is confident that we can support and service the Japan market during this recovery while continuing to meet all the needs of our other customers and partners globally.

We would ask all of our loyal customers world-wide to work with us as we help Japan respond to this crisis and encourage all to share with us their expected needs moving forward on a regular basis over the several months.



EHC Shanghai Donates 4,000 RMB to ‘Free the Children’

The re-build effort for the Chinese province of Sichuan hit with a devastating earthquake last year is on-going. Financial support from fund-raising activities such as the recent ‘Maple Leaf Dance for Dreams’ hosted by the Canadian Chamber of
Commerce in Shanghai is a major reason progress continues.

EHC feels strongly about this cause, by not only donating 4,000 rmb towards the reconstruction of the area this year, but by also being a contributor to the relief operations when the earthquake first hit, last year.

The 65,000+ rmb raised will go specifically to Free the Children’s efforts in building an elementary school in A Luo, Sichuan. In keeping with the school theme and attempting to recuperate as much of the materials purchased as possible, school supplies wereused as decorations and table pieces. The entrance back drop was made up of two big blackboards used to announce the participating sponsors. These blackboards, decorations, and table pieces all looked great for the dance and are actually a part of the donation process being delivered to the Sichuan school next November.

A musical chair competition, the Macarena, and a live band were some of the activities throughout the evening. One of the highlights being the CANCHAM Director’s version of the Chicken Dance definitely made for a memorable night of goodwill! EHC Shanghai is pleased to be a part of such a worthy cause falling in line with one of our Mission Statements: Helping to Make the World a Better

EESFC Inaugural Toronto Harbour Cruise – Don’t Miss Out!

The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation of Canada Inaugural EESFC Toronto Harbour Cruise Hosted by EHC Global, Inc. and GAL Canada

Thursday, June 4th, 2009, 7:00 to 11:00pm.

– Boarding begins at 6:30 p.m.

– Dinner and Cruise from 7:00 to 11:00. Disembark by 11:30pm.

Because space is limited, registration is required!

Ticket Cost: $150 per person

Sponsorship Levels:

Platinum Level Sponsor – $1,000 Includes Four Harbour Cruise Tickets

Gold Level Sponsor – $500 Includes Two Harbour Cruise Tickets

Silver Level Sponsor -$250 Includes One Harbour Cruise Ticket

Escalator Safety Brush Promotion Raises Funds For EESF

For the past 18 years the EESF (Elevator & Escalator Safety Foundation) has been educating children, senior citizens and the general public with its safety messages. Each year this non-profit organization seeks the assistance of individuals, schools, groups and corporations to fulfill its vision of ‘educating the public on the safe and proper use of elevators, escalators and moving walks through informational programs.’

Last September, EHC Global announced to its customers that for each Escalator Safety Brush kit purchased, $10.00 USD would be donated to the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation to help support their programs. EHC safety brushes are specially designed to reduce accidents caused by side-step entrapments.

The promotion took place during the last quarter of 2008 and thanks to EHC customers, US$2,860 will be donated this month.

The EESF is seeking to further spread its message on safety as thousands of passengers are still being injured each year. In 2007, the Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated that 11,000 people were injured on escalators across the US and side-step entrapments were one of the major causes of injuries.

Commenting on the initiative was Monica Stoer, General Manager Sales & Marketing – The Americas

“EHC has been a longstanding supporter of EESF financially but also through volunteer work. This year we took a different approach because we wanted our customers to know that they are also contributing, through us, to the safety and wellbeing of families when they buy our escalator safety brushes.”

EHC Global Playing Its Part To Reduce Hunger In Canada

It is said that five million (or one of every six people) in Canada, lives in poverty. The Canadian Medical Association Journal reported, from a study done some years ago, that single parent families were identified as one of the most pronounced groups affected by hunger.

EHC Global has been doing its part for the past six years, to reduce the number of persons who experience day-to-day hunger, by donating literally tons of food to various charitable organizations. This year is no exception. The staff of this global escalator components manufacturing company gave 2,626 pounds of food as well as a large quantity of clothing and household items. This year’s beneficiary was Denise House, an emergency shelter for abused women and their children.

Coordinator of the Food Drive, Yolanda Sabadin said “I would just like to thank everyone who helped… whether it was in the area of donations, packing or transporting the items, without everyone it would not have happened.”

Since its inception, the Food Drive has contributed over 12 tons of food. President of the company, Jeno Eppel, says he is “pleased to see the dedication shown each year to this worthy social cause. A part of our vision, as a global company, is to contribute towards making our world a better place.”

12 Tons Of Food And Counting

For the past week EHC has more resembled a small supermarket warehouse, than an escalator handrail manufacturing facility. That’s because the staff of EHC have raised 2 and a half tons of food for their Annual Food Drive. This year’s recipient is St. Vincent’s Kitchen.

The Food Drive was started 5 years ago by EHC employees to assist local residents. In the five years that EHC Global has been participating, the company has raised a total of 23, 864 lbs of food. This year the company will need about 8 skids to transport the food. Discount Truck Rentals has happily donated their services.

“This year we raised 5,082 pounds, which is an average of 50lbs per employee” reported Yolanda Sabadin, EHC Food Drive Coordinator. Jeno Eppel, President, EHC Global praised employees, “I’m proud that our staff put their hearts into such a great cause, it truly reflects our mission of helping to make the world a better place.”

It is inspiring to know that in a world where some businesses have not been taking their social responsibilities seriously, there are still corporate entities that understand the principle of strong communities make strong nations and economies.

EHC Raises 5,244 Pounds For Oshawa Food Drive

EHC is pleased to announce that their Oshawa staff have raised more than 5,200 pounds of food for the 2003 Durham Regional Police Food & Toy Drive.

EHC would like to extend a challenge to other Durham Region companies to beat our average of 65 pounds of food per employee. “We more than doubled our previous record – 2400 pounds, and are certain next year we can exceed this year’s total weight. I would personally like to challenge other local companies to beat this amount this year and in 2004” said Jeno Eppel. Next year, we expect to raise more than 5600 pounds and hope that local companies use this number to benchmark their goals for the 2004 food drive.

Every department from EHC’s Corporate Head Office competed against one another, including Manufacturing, Logistics, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, IT, Accounting, Maintenance and Technical staff. The winning team raised an average of 159 pounds per person. The winning team consisted of staff from EHC’s logistics department: Duane Cook, Wendy Stevens, Paul Cormack, Lori Morrow, Shawn Silver, and Stan Szmyr.