ADRail USA Celebrates National Escalator Safety Week With SEPTA & VTX

ADRail USA is proud to announce the installation of two escalator safety campaigns with SEPTA in support and celebration of National Elevator and Escalator Safety Week. The installations at the Frankford and Olney transportation stations both feature safety messages asking that riders “Please Hold the Handrail for Your Safety” and are color coordinated to the respective train line that connects through the station with a holiday twist.

About ADRail Safety Benefits:

ADRail(TM) is safety tested escalator handrail advertising. ADRail(TM) is seen as a safety benefit, not a safety detractor. Safety benefits include encouragement for passengers to hold the handrail, a visual motion indication provided by the handrail graphics and built in antimicrobial properties that prevent the spread of germs on handrails. Without ADRail(TM), escalator handrails are one of the top five germ infested public surfaces.

ADRail(TM) is approved for Safety:

ADRail(TM) has been approved for safety and running for 5 years in Europe, Asia, and Canada. It has been successfully piloted in Chicago’s, New York’s, and Washington’s transit systems with no problems or concerns. ADRail(TM) is also currently installed in the Pittsburgh transit systems.

Safety studies conducted by Synovate Research on behalf of EHC Global, ADRail(TM) technology inventor and patent holder, show that the percentage of riders who held the handrails increased with the use of ADRail(TM). Safety studies were conducted in Oshawa, Canada and Kansai Airport, Japan, in addition to flammability tests to prove fire safety of ADRail(TM). ADRail(TM) also features TUV certification for safety and quality, documenting that ADRail(TM) does not hinder the day-to-day operation of an escalator.

ADRail(TM) has also reached the highest standards for its built in antimicrobial properties, NAMSA Japanese Antimicrobial Certification.