EHC Hosts International Innovation Summit

On June 21st, EHC headquarters in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada hosted International Marketing Consultants from the Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation. The visit was part of an Innovation Summit put on by the City of Oshawa. The visiting marketing consultants came from across the globe, including Beijing, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Munich, New Delhi, Paris, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

The tour showcased EHC’s industry-leading innovation and manufacturing expertise. The consultants were given a firsthand view of the stark contrast between the manufacturing methods of a conventional rubber type escalator handrail and EHC’s innovative thermoplastic urethane handrail – NT. In particular, the consultants were interested in all the eco-friendly aspects of NT and the ability to apply custom messages to the handrail. Both of these features are only possible with NT handrails – not rubber handrails – since NT can be recycled and manufactured into any custom colour.

As quoted by Jeno Eppel, President of EHC Global: “NT handrails are truly an innovation in the escalator industry. For decades they have been made from black rubber – like car tires. Imagine if one day you could obtain pink thermoplastic tires for your car. EHC has made it possible for building owners to specify pink handrails for their escalators.” EHC recently supplied 13,000m of custom pink handrails for the Chongqing Subway.

Award Winning Project – St. Petersburg Metro

EHC Global is pleased to congratulate Constructor Ltd for winning the Elevator World Project of the Year 2010 in the category of Escalators, New Construction.

The award winning project was carried out at the St. Petersburg Metro (State Unitary Enterprise) Spasskaya station. The project involved having the escalators’ sizes reduced without compromising the requirements of the Regulations for the Construction and Safe Use of Escalators. Constructor had the difficult task of fitting the 4 escalators into a tunnel space that would normally accommodate only 3 traditional escalators.

The escalator handrails for this project were manufactured by EHC.

Praising the project, Norman Rosnerksy, Managing Director of EHC’s EMEA operations said, “We are extremely happy to make a contribution to the project. EHC has been manufacturing escalator handrails since 1977, but only in the last few years have we supplied the Russian market. Constructor was one of our very first customers in Russia and we certainly expect to see them win more awards in the future as they are truly innovative in the services they offer.”

EHC Products To Be Featured On “How It’s Made”

The Discovery Channel has announced this season’s line up for their series “How It’s Made”. The program focuses on world-leading techniques used in the manufacturing and production of common everyday items, and escalator handrails manufactured by EHC, will be featured on this remarkable and fascinating program.

EHC has a well-known reputation within the Lift Industry for producing high quality products and setting standards within the sector. As a result, EHC was selected to showcase the various escalator handrail production methods. EHC was thrilled to be asked to be a part of this popular television show and opened its doors to allow first ever filming of their production methods.

Productions Maj. visited EHC in the spring of 2005 to film the production. The final footage shows conventional rubber manufacturing, and in contrast EHC’s state of the art thermoplastic urethane extrusion process – a patented process invented by EHC’s head office in Canada. This handrail allows for custom vibrant colours, exotic colors such as see-through and glow-in-the dark and antimicrobial protection to be added to the handrail during the manufacturing process.

How It’s Made has been very successful in expanding its reach globally and the series now airs in many other countries including Australia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, UK and the USA. The English episode in Canada will be the first to air on the Discovery Channel Tuesday, February 7th at 8:30 p.m . The program will also be aired globally in other languages – these dates will be announced shortly.

The video of the How It’s Made episode featuring EHC Global can be found below: