ADRail™ Making Its Canadian Debut At The CMA’s 2008 Convention In Toronto

EHC Global, the world’s leading escalator handrail manufacturing company, has chosen Toronto’s CMA convention at the MTCC May 12 – 14 as its location for the product launch of ADRail™ in Canada. ADRail™ is already actively installed in major airports and transit systems throughout Europe, Asia and most recently, escalators throughout London’s Heathrow Airport.

ADRail™ is a patented advertising medium designed for escalator handrails. This unique application is every advertiser’s dream, accomplishing message views to a captive audience for 30 seconds – the same length of time used for television commercials. ADRail™ ( has been engineered to be applied on-site to existing escalator handrails in less than an hour, by one trained technician. This temporary film can be used for any campaign length – a couple of days for an event; a standard 4 or 6 week ad campaign; or a long term branding campaign for a year or more.

Advertisers looking for ways to represent their brand in a fresh out-of-the-box medium to consumers, are sure to find ADRail™ a part of the industrial revolution leading the way through the current marketing landscape. In North America, approximately 245 million people ride escalators every day.

ADRail™ is safe for the escalator and the escalator passenger – having passed rigorous testing and behavioral studies in Canada, USA, Germany, Japan, and the UK. The specialized film has been engineered by EHC to be applied without causing damage to the escalator or the escalator handrails.