ADRail™ Escalator Handrail Advertising Now Available In The Netherlands

EHC Global, the world’s largest escalator handrail manufacturer is pleased to announce that they have signed an exclusive licensing agreement with AdOnsite to sell their patented escalator handrail advertising technology (ADRail™) throughout the Netherlands.

The partnership was announced during MARCOM where ADRail was introduced to hundreds of prospective Dutch advertisers. With the current economic climate, property owners are looking for new revenue opportunities and advertisers are looking to focus their advertising dollars on new media, especially near, or at the point of purchase. ADRail meets all of those needs as escalators are located in high traffic locations – shopping malls, airports, transits and convention centres.

EHC Global developed and Patented (EP1152971 – granted September 1, 2004) a specialized pressure sensitive adhesive film, using 4-coulor process digital printing, that can be applied to existing escalator handrails by AdOnsite.

Over the past 12 months, EHC Global has established a number of ADRail™ licensing agreements around the world including: USA, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Israel, China, and Japan.

“We are pleased to have another major European market available for advertisers to capitalize on the significant brand recall that ADRail™ offers. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs know a good business opportunity when they see it, and are getting in line to distribute ADRail™” said Jeno Eppel, EHC President.

“EHC holds over 20 worldwide patents for advertising on escalator handrails. With more than 400,000 escalators in the world, we continuously review applications by companies who want to acquire a successful turn-key operation. AdOnsite is a great partner for EHC in the Netherlands – they have a loyal customer base and a desire to introduce innovative advertising mediums to them.”

EHC Global Expands Network – Spain & Portugal

In the midst of worldwide economic instability, some organizations see the opportunity to press for greater market share; one such company is EHC GmbH, a member of the EHC Global group of companies who has announced an exclusive licensing agreement in Spain and Portugal.

EHC has established an exclusive agreement with Macel Ingeniería de Elevación S.L., an elevator, escalator and platform screen doors (PSD) installation company, to distribute handrails, safety brushes and rollers throughout Spain and Portugal.

Macel will also provide onsite field splicing and repair services for escalator handrails. Field splicing handrails at the job site reduces escalator downtime by approximately 50% (even more time is saved when replacing handrails on moving walks), as 1 handrail can be spliced in just 4 hours.

Managing Director for EMEA, Norman Rosnersky, said he was “pleased to have Macel onboard” and “is confident EHC customers in Spain and Portugal will benefit immensely from having a local presence – faster deliveries and ability to service emergency repairs”

EHC Establishes Licensing Agreement With H&W In Austria

EHC has signed its sixth licensing agreement in Europe, expanding its products and services into Austria. H&W will distribute escalator handrails and other related products within Austria. Further to this, they have been fully certified by EHC to carry out field splicing of escalator handrails in this territory.

EHC has an extensive licensing and distributorship program and has been instrumental in EHC’s growth over the past decade. “H&W is an ideal partner, they have been in the industry for 20 years and have an established customer base. EHC and H&W represents a strong team, which will offer the Austrian escalator handrail market with quality handrails and superior service” said Jörg Nyssen, General Manager Sales and Service for EHC’s Central Region operations.

In addition to the manufacturing facility in Germany, EHC services the entire European and Middle Eastern market through its licensees and distributors. The EHC group of companies and their partners supply elevator and escalator rollers, escalator safety brushes, escalator handrails and handrail splicing services.