EHC Global Expands Network – Spain & Portugal

In the midst of worldwide economic instability, some organizations see the opportunity to press for greater market share; one such company is EHC GmbH, a member of the EHC Global group of companies who has announced an exclusive licensing agreement in Spain and Portugal.

EHC has established an exclusive agreement with Macel Ingeniería de Elevación S.L., an elevator, escalator and platform screen doors (PSD) installation company, to distribute handrails, safety brushes and rollers throughout Spain and Portugal.

Macel will also provide onsite field splicing and repair services for escalator handrails. Field splicing handrails at the job site reduces escalator downtime by approximately 50% (even more time is saved when replacing handrails on moving walks), as 1 handrail can be spliced in just 4 hours.

Managing Director for EMEA, Norman Rosnersky, said he was “pleased to have Macel onboard” and “is confident EHC customers in Spain and Portugal will benefit immensely from having a local presence – faster deliveries and ability to service emergency repairs”