EHC Expands To Singapore – Signs Licensing Agreement With Ele-Source

EHC is pleased to announce that they have signed an agreement with Ele-Source Pte. Ltd., of Singapore as an EHC Licensee. Ele-Source will sell and distribute EHC products and services in the countries of Singapore and Malaysia.

Ele-Source has been active in the lift industry in South-East Asia since its inception in 2002 and currently supplies a wide range of escalator and elevator components. One of Ele-Source’s major successes has been in the field of Elevator Electronics where they have established themselves as a leader in their market. Ele-Source’s principals have more than 30 years of combined experience in the lift industry.

EHC’s distributorship and licensing program was conceived in Europe in the mid-1990s and has met with a great deal of success. “Ele-Source will be our first Distributorship / Licensee in Asia and will follow a business model which effectively establishes a full EHC product and service depot in the territory. EHC’s new Singapore/Malaysia Depot will be a one-stop shop for handrails, rollers, D-Flector escalator safety brushes and field splicing services allowing our customers to benefit from purchasing EHC high quality, on-time products, while receiving local support and services from our new partner,” said Mr. Patrick Bothwell, General Manager of EHC’s Japan office.