The World’s Only Recyclable Escalator Handrail

Jeno Eppel – President of EHC Global, is pleased to announce that in service of one of its mission’s objectives of “making the world a better place”, the firm now has the ability to recycle over 90% of the material from its escalator handrails. Driven by its ongoing efforts with the ISO14001 environmental management system and using custom designed equipment, high-grade thermoplastic urethane is successfully being recovered and reprocessed into premium product.

Recycling of previously discarded process scrap effectively reduces energy and material consumption throughout our entire global supply chain. EHC’s automated process takes place within a controlled environment designed to prevent contamination. This contributes to a recognized decrease in the amount of pollutants released from our facility.

We encourage our customers to think green with us, and make use of the world’s only truly recyclable handrail.