Award Winning Project – St. Petersburg Metro

EHC Global is pleased to congratulate Constructor Ltd for winning the Elevator World Project of the Year 2010 in the category of Escalators, New Construction.

The award winning project was carried out at the St. Petersburg Metro (State Unitary Enterprise) Spasskaya station. The project involved having the escalators’ sizes reduced without compromising the requirements of the Regulations for the Construction and Safe Use of Escalators. Constructor had the difficult task of fitting the 4 escalators into a tunnel space that would normally accommodate only 3 traditional escalators.

The escalator handrails for this project were manufactured by EHC.

Praising the project, Norman Rosnerksy, Managing Director of EHC’s EMEA operations said, “We are extremely happy to make a contribution to the project. EHC has been manufacturing escalator handrails since 1977, but only in the last few years have we supplied the Russian market. Constructor was one of our very first customers in Russia and we certainly expect to see them win more awards in the future as they are truly innovative in the services they offer.”

EHC Awarded Number One In OTIS Quality Award

XOEC (OTIS), one of the largest elevator companies in the world, held their annual Supplier Quality Award Meeting in September. XOEC is an industry leader in innovative technology and services; their products can be found in landmark buildings worldwide.

Stanley Shao, Managing Director of EHC (Shanghai) Co. Ltd attended the ceremony which was held at their Hangzhou, China facility. The company has over 300 suppliers but on that night, only honoured four of their top suppliers, in various categories.

EHC received two awards consisting of:

1) The Quality Improvement Award: Awarded to both the corporation and individual that made the largest contribution towards attaining the very best in quality improvement. EHC was ranked Number One of seven suppliers considered

2) Q+ Level 3 Certification: The United Technologies Corporation (UTC) Q+ process is intended to assist suppliers in reaching world class quality goals through the never-ending process of continuous improvement. Q+ Level 3 is the highest level XOEC has granted to its suppliers. “It is an absolute honour to be one of only four suppliers to pass Q+ Level 3 assessment” said Jeno Eppel, President

Congratulations go out to EHC’s Quality Technician, Shen Hao, for receiving a Crystal Medal for the Individual Quality Contribution Award. XOEC offered him a three day sightseeing tour to Guilin in Southern China.

“I would like to thank our Production, Quality, and Sales Teams for their excellent efforts and contribution in delivering quality products and services this past year to our valued customer, XOEC. Our ongoing commitment has been recognized and we will continue to provide the ‘excellence’ in production and services that our customers are accustomed to.” said Stanley Shao

This recognition reaffirms EHC’s commitment to the process of ongoing improvements in order to remain strong and competitive in a constantly evolving Chinese marketplace.

Xizi Otis Presents EHC Shanghai With Best Quality Award

EHC has been awarded the distinguished ‘best product quality’ award by Xizi Otis during their annual supplier’s conference. Of the 80 major elevator and escalator component suppliers in attendance, EHC was the only escalator component supplier to win this award. Jenny Ding, Sales & Marketing Manager accepted the award on behalf of EHC Shanghai, “this means a great deal to us, because it demonstrates that Xizi Otis recognizes that EHC never sacrifices quality for cost savings, and that we are a valued supplier to them.”

In 2004, Xizi Otis received more than 10,000 orders for escalators and elevators. They are the number one plant among all Otis China operations; its newly constructed escalator plant is the largest in the world, and in November its new hi-tech OH5000 elevator was launched in China. EHC supplies Otis with both conventional rubber escalator handrails and NT, EHC’s patented thermoplastic handrail.

“Winning the Best Product Quality award for our escalator handrails is an honour – Xizi Otis is the world’s largest escalator manufacturer. This award confirms that in today’s competitive market place, customers value quality products, and reward suppliers who exceed their expectations,” said Ron Ball, founder of EHC.