Elevator Rope Brake (ERB)

Our ERB series of rope brakes (ERB10, ERB20, ERB35) are the latest design in safety technology. Unlike other rope brakes, they are fully electromechanical (no hydraulic components) for simpler installation and maintenance. Depending on the model and car roping, they are applicable for elevators traveling up to 13.1 ft/sec (4 m/sec) with total masses of up to 46,300 lbs (21,000 kg).

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Traveling Cable


Super-Flex® is Draka EHC premier ETT-type round traveling cable known for its performance and longevity. It is the only elevator traveling cable backed by a lifetime warranty. Available in hundreds of in-stock configurations, Super-Flex can be designed with any combination of code-compliant power, signal and data conductors including coax, shielded pairs, optical fiber and Cat5e-emulation Ethernet subunits.


Our ETP flat traveling cables are durable and flexible. They come in supported and unsupported versions with the conductors in parallel and unitized constructions. Available conductors are power, signal, coax, shielded pairs and optical fiber. Hanging devices are available.

Hoistway Cable

Super-Duct® hoistway cable is made of the same components as our Super-Flex traveling cable and carries the same lifetime warranty. It is available in jacketed and unjacketed constructions designed to operate with either 300V or 600V power.

Wire Rope

Draka EHC carries elevator wire rope from supplied by several manufacturers that are tailored to the speed, rise and capacity of your installation. We offer over 100 constructions of wire rope for hoist, compensation and governor applications as well as wedge sockets, tensioning devices and our Acculube rope lubricator.

Coated Wire Rope

Our coated steel rope (CSR) is a small diameter hoist rope designed for smaller sheaves and machines that permit larger cabs in existing hoistways. They offer all the safety and performance of non-coated ropes.

Compensation Cable

Whisper-Flex® and Steadi-Flex® compensation cables are an economical and quiet alternative to wire rope and chain. Both are designed for smooth and silent operation. Custom damping devices keep these cables from swaying at higher speeds.


Draka EHC manufactures its own wireway, forming galvanized sheet steel into nine popular sizes. Wireway accessories include a full selection of elbows, tees, crossovers, connectors, couplers and reducers. Our wireway comes with a lifetime warranty.